About nasim shafiei 2020-03-21T18:40:44+04:30

I was born in Tehran (1983) and I specialize in photography and painting. Proudly, I have been painting since 2000 with Mr. Keyvan Barband. After some years I changed my style from Realism to Abstract ,Abstract expressionism,Taschism and  Neo-Plastisism. Honestly for some years during university I stopped painting,although I followed that in another way.I am a member of Iranian Visual Arts Association where you could see more.I have a great resolution about it and for next years definitely .

Fortunately, I have been painting since 5 years ago again as a self-taught artist(paint and take photo) and now I am so happy than before.To my mind it’s a life lesson: pay a great  deal of attention to your talents and follow your heart .that’s a God’s gift.


 If you are eager to  my artworks or keep in touch with me,send me an email via :

 info@nasimshafiei.com or  follow me on social networks also